How Quickly Can Elite Respond, And How Quickly Can You Get This Animal Out Of My Home

At Elite Wildlife, we offer 24/7 round the clock emergency service.

Your safety and well-being is paramount to us and we recognize that the sooner we can get there, the safer you are. If you have an immediate threat or emergency, such as a Rabies or Vicious Species on the premises, we will deem it as such and deploy someone out to your home ASAP, generally within 90 minutes of your call. 

For all other non-immediate threats to the home that are not constituted as emergencies, we have a first come first served policy. Generally, we can get to your home within 1-4 hours of your initial call.

If we are later by 30 minutes or more than the time that we provided to you on the phone, then we will pay for your inspection fee. On average, we typically can get rid of your wildlife problem within 1 to 5 days. There are, however, a lot of factors that go into this, such as how many animals there are, where they are, and the size of the home or business, so it’s not always easy to determine.

For a more accurate timeline, simply call us at 914-618-5552 or submit an inquiry and we will take you through the Elite Process.

After you make the call to speak with us, it is recommended that you view our video, “3 Steps to Ensure Your Safety When an Animal Is On the Premises.” Thanks and talk to you soon