How to Determine What Animal is in Your Home

There could be so many different animals that are in your home. You’re either hearing it in the walls, attic or basement. As we always say, anything’s that’s inside is coming from the outside.

Most of the animals enter the home through the air vents, climbing up the chimney, the roof or right above or near the soffits where the base of the house is. So if you have an animal in your home, and don’t know what it is, the first thing would be to check the exterior of your home for any holes or entry points, and depending on the size of the entry point, you might see hair, chew marks or other indicators that may help in determining which animal it is.

Also, there are certain animals that tend to come into a home during specific seasons that should help you determine which animal it is.

If you still can’t figure out which animal is in your home, then it’s time to call a wildlife control professional such as us here at Elite. We’ll be happy to help you determine what’s in your home, and exactly how to safely remove the animal and ensure that it never returns.