Coyote Removal

Are the coyotes near your home getting too close for comfort?

Call the Coyote experts at Elite Wildlife for help!

It wasn’t long ago that there was true Elite in Rye, NY, caused by coyotes attacking domestic pets and children. Although it is more likely that a healthy coyote will attack a domestic pet before attacking a human, it does happen.
With this in mind, if you have problems with Coyotes, please do not attempt to handle the situation yourself. Call the professionals at Elite Wildlife Control at ‪(914) 734-5985‬.

Coyote Distribution

The Eastern Coyote population is growing and is often seen throughout Westchester County. Similar in size to a German Shepherd dog, coyotes are omnivores whose diets change with the season. Coyotes have erected ears and thick fur with colorings including blondes, reds, tan, and black


The most distinctive sign of a coyote’s presence on your property is the sound of their howls at dusk and/or throughout the night.

Damages and Concerns

Clients frequently complain of coyotes near and around the area where their domestic pets go outside to exercise and play. *CAUTION* Most domestic animals are easy prey for a hungry coyote. With this in mind, you must exercise caution and pay attention to your pets when letting them outside.

Removal and Exclusions

When clearing your area of coyotes, we must take into account both your location and the animals and humans that you are trying to protect. Actions taken to complete this process vary, with each having benefits that the average homeowner may not have realized.