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While deer can be exciting to see, the damage that they cause to your plant life is highly unsightly. In their search for food, deer can completely strip plants or trees.

Elite Wildlife has been solving deer problems for years in Westchester County. Because deer are a regulated game species, creative techniques must be employed to handle deer off season.

At Elite Wildlife, innovative, nonlethal measures are used to rid your property of these nuisance animals while upholding their government-regulated status. Call us today at ‪(914) 734-5985‬.

White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus)

In Westchester another animal causing Elite throughout the county, The White Tailed Deer. With the shrinking land masses in and throughout the county deer are becoming more of a nuisance with everyday that new construction proceeds. As new construction is popping up where ever and everywhere considered suitable for human inhabitation, all animals are condensed but this in particular is certainly a bigger issue with large animals such as the white-tailed deer. The larger an animal is, obviously, the more it has to eat and feed. With an increase in Westchester’s deforestation of what little woods remain here, the less necessary foods the woods can provide such animals. If you combine a terrible acorn crop (White tailed deer’s) most favorable nutrient and valued food here in Westchester. We end up with deer in our backyards and in the most bizarre of places to find food and allieviate their hunger. Although the Whitetailed deer is america’s most sought after game animal, it offers little relief from deer populations and the home owners damage to pricey landscape shrubs in a fire arm restricted zone such as Westchester County.

Although landscape crop damage is the number one reason home owners hire Nuisance Wildlife professionals, deer populations all to commonly suffer from disease and malnutrition with out the proper management programs in place. One of the diseases infecting NYS wild deer population is CDW

 Common deer problems in Westchester County, NY.

Deer populations are at a higher risk of disease transmission simply because deer concentrations increase tremendously during the winter months for 2 main reasons:

1. Deer behavior changes during the colder winter months naturally and express a yarding mentality when food sources become increasingly scarce.

2. Suburban deer populations have no choice but to become in closer proximity of each other while feeding on manmade landscapes considering the lack of forestation and the inability to produce a sustainable food source for our White-tailed Deer populations here in Westchester County.