Geese Removal

Are Geese becoming a problem near your home or property?

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While watching or feeding geese can be pleasant, the fun ends as geese overstay their welcome. These protected birds can destroy their nesting grounds, stripping the grasses while grazing and littering the ground with their droppings. Worse, as geese lose their fear of humans, they will fiercely defend their home and young.

At Elite Wildlife, creative, nonlethal measures are used to rid your property of these nuisance animals while upholding their government-protected status. Call us today at ‪(914) 734-5985‬.

Geese Distribution

Known for their distinctive “V” shaped flight formation, Canadian Geese have a lifespan between 10-25 years. Geese are grazers and feed extensively on fresh, short, green grass. Around their third year, geese begin their annual mating season, in which they will mate with the same partner for life and often return to the same nesting ground year after year.


Signs of a goose problem can include excessive feces or molting on the ground. Stripped areas of landscaping can be caused by overgrazing.

Damages and Concerns

An individual Canadian Goose may produce a pound of droppings a day. Not only is their dropping production offensive, these geese can be very aggressive. Particularly in mating and nesting season, they may attack adults, children, and pets. They also are physically hazardous around roadways and airports, and have been responsible for many accidents on the ground and in the air.

Damage to landscaping can be significant and expensive to repair or replace. Large amounts of excrement can render swimming areas, parks, golf courses, lawns, docks, and patios unfit for human use. Since they are active grazers, they are particularly attracted to lawns and ponds located near apartment complexes, houses, office areas and golf courses. Geese can rapidly devour lawns, turning them into barren, dirt areas.

Removal and Exclusions

Canadian Geese are designated as a “protected species” under federal and state laws. This means that it is illegal for you to hunt, kill or harm these birds (or their eggs) in any fashion. However, we have many techniques in our arsenal to humanely rid your property of these messy birds. So if the “goose is loose” on your land, you have got a problem made for Elite! Give us a call today.