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Mice can seem cute through the pet shop window, but when they have invaded your home, they are far from desirable. Mice are able to fit through extraordinarily small holes, and once they’re in, it takes more than a few mouse traps to rid them from your home. Often, homeowners struggle with mice for months or years, failing to fully eliminate all of the animals.

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Mouse Distribution

A single female mouse can produce 40 young in a single year. Considering that they can begin breeding at five weeks old, it is easy to see how mice populations run rampant across the country. Destructive, dirty, and dangerous pests, mice pose a serious threat when they invade your home.


Common signs of a mouse infestation include hearing scratching or squeaking noises, or finding droppings. You may also see obvious damage to your home, such as tooth marks or burrowed holes.

Damages and Concerns

Mice can cause severe damage to your home if not removed quickly. Since they are rodents, they must constantly chew or gnaw on hard materials to keep their teeth worn down. This can include almost any part of your home, including wood, metal or plastic pipes, siding, air conditioning ductwork, wiring, even concrete! Not only is it destructive, their affinity for wiring insulation can cause a fire hazard. When building their nest, mice may also damage items stored in attics, basements, or garages. Damaged family heirlooms, paintings, books, documents, and other such items may be impossible to replace.

Mice have very poor eyesight, and they adapt to this shortcoming by urinating and defecating almost constantly. They follow these trails of urine and droppings to find their way around their environment, and in and out of your home or business. These droppings can create odor problems, as well as diseases, including salmonella, Hantavirus, tularemia, and many others. Homes with a mouse infestation will often require mouse control and mouse removal with extensive repair and cleanup (disinfecting) in order to make them safe to live in.

Removal and Exclusions

Treating a mouse infestation involves a series of steps. The first step is rodent removal, which usually means trapping all of the rats living in the structure using chemicals and/or mechanical devices. Once the mice are gone, your home must be examined to find and block their entry routes. A thorough inspection to identify entry points on your home will often reveal a need for exclusions to prevent reentry once the initial mouse removal is completed. Elite Wildlife Control is your best, most cost effective bet for total mouse control! Call us today.