Mole Removal

Moles ruining your lawn and plant life?

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While you may not see a mole in your yard, you will certainly see the effects it has on your yard. Dislodged and damaged plants, odd piles of dirt, and raised ridges are all signs of a mole problem.

Elite Wildlife is thoroughly trained to alleviate the problem while minimizing further damage to your lawn or plant life.

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Mole Distribution

Found living in Canada, Mexico, and across the eastern United States, the Eastern Mole has the largest range of any North American mole. It is highly specialized for subterranean living, and can tunnel 70 feet in an hour. Consuming up to 100% of its weight in food each day, the Eastern Mole’s diet consists largely of earthworms and other soil-dwelling creatures.


Signs of a mole presence on your property can include uprooted grass, raised ridges of soil, or mounds of dirt (also known as “molehills”).

Damages and Concerns

The greatest threat moles pose is to lawns and landscaping. As they burrow, they create mounds and ridges that disfigure lawns and sometimes dislodge plants or injure plant roots. Their mounds also provide a medium for the germination of weed seeds. Well-maintained areas, such as golf clubs or large yards, are most vulnerable to moles because they provide an ideal habitat with higher quality soil and adequate moisture.

Removal and Exclusions

Elite Wildlife Control believes that the best method of controlling moles is the old fashion way of trapping them. We also provide professional services to prevent moles from returning to your home and can even repair the damage they have caused.

If you think you have a mole problem, call the mole control and mole removal experts Westchester County, Elite Wildlife Control, you’ll be glad you did.