Possum Removal

Possums causing problems in your home?

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While it might be comical when the possum “plays dead”, the damage these nuisance animals can cause to your home is far from funny. Their nocturnal and adaptive nature can make possums particularly tricky to control.

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Possum Distribution

possums are the only native marsupial (pouched animal) in North America. Highly adaptable, possums have a wide diet that can include rodents, insects, slugs, snakes, pet food, and human garbage. Opossums are playfully known for their tendency to “play dead” when scared or threatened.


Possum infestations may go unnoticed for quite some time because they are only active at night. Barking dogs and empty pet food bowls may be early clues. Other signs may include strange looking or unexpected animal droppings, torn garbage bags, or a strong, skunk-like odor. This odor is from oils the opossum secretes when frightened, causing the animal to smell dead as it plays dead.

Damages and Concerns

Typically, possums are not considered dangerous animals. However, they are sloppy and can quickly defile your home if allowed to remain on site. They may harass pets or make large messes. Additionally, opossums have a strong, unpleasant odor and leave large, unsightly droppings.

Possums can also cause extensive damage to a home. Feeding on garbage, they will bring food back to their den (or in this case, your home) to rot. There are also concerns with their bodily waste, which attract parasites and creating breeding grounds for bacteria.

Removal and Exclusions

First, a thorough inspection should be performed to verify the type of animal or animals involved. After all the pest animals are removed, including litters of young, exclusionary measures should be taken to ensure that your home is protected against future infestations.