Raccoon Removal

Raccoons wreaking havoc in your home or property?

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Intelligent and adaptable, raccoons can quickly turn your home or property into a chaotic environment. Besides invading your home or attic, raccoons are known carriers of rabies and therefore should be handled with great caution.

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Raccoon Distribution

Raccoons are among the most widespread mammals in New York State. Surprisingly, their population is often more dense in urban and suburban areas than it is in forested areas. These animals are nocturnal and true omnivores (they eat both meat and plant life). Often, they are seen rummaging through one’s trash in the evening hours.


Raccoon infestation is often accompanied by heavy noises in the attic that move early evening or early morning. You may see a 4” hole in your roof or one of your roof vents damaged.

In early spring, female raccoons may seek shelter to nurse and tend a newborn litter of baby raccoons. When the young are born, you will hear bird-like chirps in the early evening or early morning.

Damages and Concerns

Several serious health concerns are associate with raccoons. Raccoons are considered a Rabies Vector Species. Although the disease progress and leads to death rather quickly, rabies can be hosted and spread by a seemingly healthy, infected animal. For this reason, do not attempt to hold or feed these animals no matter how friendly or willing to be in your presence. If there is any accidental contact with these animals, please seek medical attention immediately.

Raccoons can also transmit canine distemper, which is often fatal. While not communicable to humans, unimmunized pets are at high risk to infection.

In addition to disease transmission, raccoons have been known to strike out or attack both humans and domesticated animals. Notably, mother raccoons protecting her young may be highly aggressive and can inflict significant harm if feeling threatened.

Removal and Exclusions

Removal begins by confirming a raccoon infestation and assessing the damage. Then, we will set the appropriate traps to remove the animals. Exclusions are a necessary step in raccoon removal, for even after the invading raccoon is removed, others may smell the den and force their way into your home.