Skunk Removal

Skunks causing a stink near your home or property?

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While skunks are known for their infamous stench, the damage they cause can reach far past your nostrils. Besides being quite messy in their search for food, skunks are carriers of rabies and therefore must be handled with great caution.

Elite Wildlife has been safely and efficiently ridding homes of skunks for years in Westchester. If you believe you have a skunk problem, don’t try to handle it yourself. Call the experts at Elite Wildlife Control today at ‪(914) 734-5985‬.

Skunk Distribution

Noted for its distinct black fur with a white stripe along each side of its body, the Striped Skunk is one of the best-known mammals in all of Canada and the United States. Skunks can be found in a variety of habitats, including woodlands, grasslands and agricultural lands. In the wild, the skunk will forge on insects, smaller mammals, and plant life. However, in settled areas, skunks will feast on trash and pet food left outside. The suburbs of Westchester are perfect habitat for skunks. Besides the abundant amount of manicured lawns for the skunks to hunt for food, there is also a lot of garbage for them to scavenge on.


The most striking sign of a skunk problem is the pungent, unmistakable scent they spray from their anal scent glands when feeling threatened. In search of shelter, skunks may also invade a manmade dwelling. Often choose places like under houses, storage buildings, cabins, sheds and decks as their homes.

Damages and Concerns

Skunks can be quite destructive if left unchecked. In their search for food, skunks may tear into garbage bags and pull out its contents, creating a sizable mess. They are also known for their ability to dig holes, and have been known to destroy lawns, flowerbeds, gardens, and golf courses with their digging.

Skunks are rabies-vector animal, and are able to spread this dangerous disease through a small scratch. Stay safe, and call the professionals at Elite Wildlife Control to fix your skunk problem today.

Removal and Exclusions

When skunks burrow and den under porches, sheds, or foundations, skunk trapping is often required to safely remove the animal. After trapping, exclusionary techniques are implemented to stop the skunk from re-entering, such as permanent obstructions to block the skunk from re-digging the burrow.