Snake Removal

Are Snakes becoming a problem in your home or property?

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While most snakes found in Westchester County are not venomous, they can still stir up trouble for homeowners. Even non-venomous snakes will bite if provoked by unknowing children or pets.

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Snake Distribution

Of the 17 species of snake native to New York, the most common snakes in Westchester County include the Milk Snake, the Garter Snake, and the Black Snake. These snakes prefer cool, dark places where there is plenty of food. Areas in one’s home that snakes may invade include:

  • foundations
  • garages
  • attics
  • basements
  • under porches or decks
  • rock walls


It is common for people to go some time without realizing they have a snake problem in their home or property. One of the most common signs is discovering snake skins, which they shed regularly as they grow. If snakes have made their way into your attic or walls, you may hear slithering sounds. A distinct, reptilian odor is sometimes noted.

Damages and Concerns

Primary concerns with snakes on one’s property include the droppings, smell and meal remains they may leave in your home. Usually, snakes will only attack if provoked, but will defend themselves if stepped on or bothered by pets or children.

Removal and Exclusions

Often, snakes must be removed manually by using traps or by hand. Next, exclusionary measures should be taken to prevent future infestations, which include locating and sealing all access points for snakes and other pests.
An important note on snake removal- snakes only reside where food is readily available. In many cases, a home invaded by snakes is also home to other pest animals such as mice or rats, which the snakes prey upon. Only through professional inspection and treatments can you be sure your home is truly free of pest animals. Call Elite Wildlife Control today at ‪(914) 734-5985‬.