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With two names for the same animal, the Woodchuck, also known as a Groundhog, can be quite a nuisance if left unchecked.

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Woodchucks & Ground Hogs (Marmota Monax)

Head and Body range between 13-22 inches, Tail 5-8 in. and depending on the age and sex of the woodchuck they tend to range between 7-15lbs. Woodchucks will vary in color with it’s fur ranging from light brown and blonde to a darker brown fur coat which is usually determined by the amount of sun light the animal receives through out the day. There was one time that I have actually witnessed an all black woodchuck here in Westchester County. Although the sun seems to determine the ranges of brown color tones, this particular black woodchuck must have been a very rare genetic alteration, rather than the amount of sun which it was exposed too.

Habits & Habitat:
Woodchucks should be considered Di-urnal, which means that it is an animal which primarily is active during the daytime. But I have actual camera footage which has let me determine that woodchucks are somewhat active during any part of a 24 hr. Period. Although it was not doing much regarding the behavior it was expressing, it was awake and coming to the entrance of its burrow.

A woodchuck den is usually beneath the earth’s surface 4-6 ft and can extend 25-40ft in length. Although it may be very difficult to locate both holes of the burrow, It is believed that a woodchuck den always has more than one entrance and or exit. Most of the woodchucks habits are molded around the time of year and the favored temperature which is sought. Colder temperatures tend to make the woodchucks hibernate mid- October-march or april & sometimes even early May if the temperature is consistently cold. I have witnessed Woodchucks here in Westchester County as late in the year as the month of November.

Young & Gestation:
Woodchucks generally will breed here in our location within the north east between March and April and has the short gestation period of 30-35 days which produces 1 litter containing 2-7 offspring within the months of April or May.

During the summer months here in Westchester County Elite Wildlife Management Service’s deal with woodchuck calls on a daily basis. Woodchucks are also the #1 nuisance animal in my experience to be mis-identified or referred to by names such as: Mole, Vole Hedge Hog, and beaver more times then there more common and actual title of woodchuck or ground hog.

Customer complaints and experiences:
1. The number one complaint and nuisance caused by woodchucks is the damage to landscape such as flower bulb and vegetable/fruit crops. Woodchucks have it easy without the professional knowledge to keep them out of the gardens which they damage.

2. Although the abandoned woodchuck burrows are favored by other wildlife who seek refuge and shelter from these deep holes created for at one point in time living space for woodchucks, can cause liabilities to domestic animals, younger children and the elderly populations by falling and actually breaking bones from the unexpected accidents these holes present.

3. Woodchuck burrows can cause damage to older plumbing and cause structural damages to the infrastructure of a dwellings foundation if this issue is not professionally addressed.