The 3 Guarantees You Must Demand From Your Wildlife Control Company

As a client of Elite Wildlife Solutions of Westchester, you’ll be protected by 3 Guarantees. These guarantees ensure you the following:

1 ⟫ Guaranteed Removal

When you have an animal in your home, it’s common for you to try to get rid of the animals yourself, or by hiring service professionals such as contractors or handymen, and not a wildlife removal professional. Oftentimes we’ll find that these servicemen will do it wrong and cause more problems or potential for the wildlife to get back in. We’ve also seen a lot of cases where they’ll say they got rid of the problem, but it turns out that they only trapped the animal in the wall or attic and actually let the animal die in your home. We guarantee to you that the animal in your home is the animal that will be removed from your home, period.

2 ⟫ Irrefutable Proof is Provided That Your Wildlife Problem is Gone

Our Irrefutable Proof Guarantee at the end of every job, we will provide you proof and evidence with before and after pictures, that not only is the animal no longer in your home but also that every possibility of them re-entering your home has been properly blocked off and sealed with the appropriate materials.

3 ⟫ Your 1 Year Gone for Good Guarantee

With every job, your home is covered with our 1 Year Gone For Good Guarantee. Meaning after we have visited your home and gone through our 5 Step Elite Wildlife Removal Process, your home is 100% covered for any wildlife incidents for the following year after our servicing your home. This keeps us accountable to you and incentivizes us to do the most thorough job possible so that you never run into these problems again.

Elite Wildlife is proud to be the only Wildlife Control Company in New York State to offer these exclusive 3 Guarantees.